How to Heal from a Toxic Mother Exclusive Webinar with Dr. Alison Cook

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Are you and your mom close? Or, are you at each other’s throats?

Regardless, what if you could:
  • Feel confident and free to say “No” to a guilt-tripping mom
  • Honor your mother without harming yourself, your spouse, or your children
  • Establish a healthy distance from a challenging mother
  • Meet emotional needs that your mom didn’t provide
There’s a reason why many women struggle to set healthy boundaries with their mothers. When we are young, we can receive damaging messages from our moms – often not realizing how much those early messages still carry a negative influence into today.
Examples of these negative messages can be:
  • You’ll never be good enough.
  • You exist to meet MY needs.
  • It’s wrong to have YOUR ideas and dreams.
  • You’re selfish if you pursue what YOU want.
In healthy families, mothers encourage daughters to develop confidence in their abilities, courageously address challenges, and understand the unique way God made you, including your values and dreams. The best of parents equip you to build a life that YOU love based on who God made YOU to be.
But, what if your mother doesn’t provide this kind of support? What if you’re at odds with your mother right now?
God wants you to honor your mother. But, He also calls you to separate from her and forge a life that is distinctly yours. In this webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Identify the top 5 red flags every daughter must address
  • Get out of destructive conversations with confidence
  • Overcome the guilt and fear that keeps you from standing up
  • Reach decisions that are good for you and your mother

For over 20 years, I’ve helped women

  • Develop confidence from the inside out
  • Transform anxiety and loneliness into peace and connection with others
  • Turn off the internal negative voice and experience the true loving God who isn't trying to beat you up
  • Forge healthy relationships with safe individuals
You don’t have to get angry or carry the weight of guilt and pain. Instead, you can be free AND be a good daughter! I'd like to teach you how in this one-hour course:

How to Heal from a Toxic Mother

This Webinar is not currently open. Check back soon for registration details.

Imagine the ability to overcome your past and create a bright future.

If you've struggled with your mom, please don't wait to get help.

This Webinar is not currently open. Check back soon for registration details.